Disclosing board diversity

KPMG Board Diversity Disclosure Benchmarking Tool
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Board diversity disclosure analytics are available at no cost through the KPMG Board Diversity Disclosure Benchmarking Tool, powered by ESGAUGE.

The tool allows corporate and board leaders, investors, employees and other stakeholders to compare diversity disclosure practices by sector, index (Russell 3000 and S&P 500) and company size to help identify trends in board diversity disclosure.


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Many companies do not include gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation in their public description of how diversity is incorporated into director search criteria.

Most Russell 3000 companies do not disclose the level of diversity of their boards.


It is rare for companies to identify individual diverse directors.

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“Diverse boards are more effective, and disclosure drives action. As stakeholder calls continue to grow for disclosure of board diversity as well as policies and practices, this tool will help measure progress and highlight gaps.”

Susan Angele
Senior Advisor, KPMG Board Leadership Center

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